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The Mukund Devan Family Projects Fund

**The Mukund Devan Family Projects is for family members only. Fo those seeking a grant, please contact us here.

Fund your personal Charitable cause

Thank you for your interest in applying for funds through the Mukund Devan Family Projects Fund. Since 1999, we have helped many family members fund their own personal charitable causes, from a project to raise funds for victims in Darfur, to a donation to CARE to help with the famine and conflict in South Sudan, to efforts to build schools in Nepal, to Expedition Denali—a group of inspiring role models who made history as the first team of African Americans to blaze a trail up America’s highest peak.

This year, we are suggesting a dollar amount range from $2,500 to $7,500 for your cause. To save on paper and postage costs, we encourage you to fill out the online application. If you choose to download the application, please fill out the information and answer all questions. Attach additional pages if needed. You may also scan and email the form to us at or mail it to 455 Market Street, Suite 1140, San Francisco, CA 94105. A staff member will contact you once your application is received.