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Palayam staff attend NAMI Convention

Sudhi Rajagopal


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In June, Sudhi and Natalie attended the NAMI 2018 National Convention in New Orleans. This convention provided a first-hand look at the passion and energy behind NAMI’s work, as well as the incredible reach they have among those living with mental illness and their families. A series of presentations and meetings brought to light mental health issues within the criminal justice system, issues specific to Asian-American communities (access to multilingual services and educational materials, stigma in Asian communities), and policy issues (healthcare, mental health parity). Surprisingly, the vast majority of attendees were mental health consumers and their families, not professionals and practitioners as we had assumed they would be. This speaks to the great hunger for information and support around mental health issues in both majority and minority communities. We are proud to be partnered with an organization that is putting so much thought into filling this important need. Feel free to talk to Sudhi or Natalie for more details on their visit to the NAMI Convention.

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